Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. owns a professional, well-equipped Laboratory, focused on Research, Development and Innovation. This is because the company offers not only mass-produced goods, but above all, practical solutions which make it possible to meet the needs of individual customers quickly and effectively. That is why, Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. makes continuous investments in laboratory equipment, buying devices designed according to the latest technological achievements. Thanks to them, the team of professional technicians is able to develop products perfectly meeting requirements from the customers. Once provided with a sample, Laboratory staff can create the same or at least very similar product, in a wide range of colours, gloss levels, structures and special effects, according to RAL, NCS, Pantone and British Standard colour charts. After identifying all technical aspects of the customer's application process, a chemical composition of the new product is created. Then, the formula is tested according to procedures adopted at the customer's line. In this way, the technicians of Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. can be sure that the product obtained in the matching process fully meets individual requirements and specific application process at the customer's.

Meanwhile, the company's R&D Department works on developing new product ranges and special effects. Amis Farby Proszkowe's offer becomes, therefore, more and more competitive and in line with current requirements from the market.



93g Piłsudskiego St.

10-449 Olsztyn, Poland

Tel. +48 89 537 51 52

Production Plant:

Nowa Wieś Mała 32

11-040 Dobre Miasto, Poland

Tel. +48 89 532 44 10