curing process

After the application, the coating must be polymerized.

In order to polymerize the powder applied on the substrate, the coated element must be heated to a high temperature for a few minutes. This is the curing process.

The curing time and temperature are determined by the powder’s formulation, type of the coated material and required film properties.

The most common types of polymerizing ovens include:

Forced convection type

  • powered by electricity
  • powered by diesel oil
  • powered by gas

Infra-red type

  • using IR radiation
  • using IR-UV radiation
  • induction type



Please note that an excessively hot oven or excessive exposure in the oven produces sharp changes of colour, can reduce brightness in some powders and wastes energy. Low temperature, however, can cause deficient mechanical and chemical properties, as well as lack of extensibility or the inability to achieve the required cross-linking level.



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