about the company

Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturing company producing high-quality powder coatings for a wide range of applications. The enterprise was set up in 2005 under the name ‘Naber Polska Sp. z o.o.’ and since then it has been growing steadily.

On 4 September 2019, the company went through a rebranding process, which took place as a part of the long-term commercial and marketing strategy based on the registered trademark . Then the company changed its previous name ‘Naber Polska Sp. z o.o.’ to ‘Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o.’. Brand AMIS (in French, friends), together with its visual image, is an essence of reliability, proven quality and best solutions. Amicable relations, based on meeting customers’ expectations and technological needs, are the aim of changes that were introduced.

Thanks to making continuous investments in the machinery, Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. is able to provide quick and flexible lead times to its customers and business partners. Additionally, the company keeps on investing in laboratory equipment, buying devices which are necessary for performing production and application processes, testing coated surfaces in terms of their resistance to corrosion and weather conditions, as well as providing measurements of specific parameters. In this way, the Laboratory of Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. is able to develop new product ranges and special effects, and at the same time provide full technical support to the Sales Department.

The company's marketing strategy is aimed mainly at industrial customers, who require more advanced, high-quality products and more complex technological service when it comes to paints’ application and use.

Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. keeps on following the latest trends in powder coatings industry. Its representatives take part in many well-known and prestigious trade fairs, both in Poland and abroad, thanks to which they get to know current market needs, as well as technologies meeting given requirements.

The company also aims at manufacturing ecological products. They are to prove that Amis Farby Proszkowe Sp. z o.o. offers high-quality powder coatings, made with the use of advanced technologies.



93g Piłsudskiego St.

10-449 Olsztyn, Poland

Tel. +48 89 537 51 52

Production Plant:

Nowa Wieś Mała 32

11-040 Dobre Miasto, Poland

Tel. +48 89 532 44 10