advantages of powder coatings

One of the main advantages of a powder coating is that it can be used immediately without making viscosity adjustments as it is in case of  liquid paints. It is also important that the flexibility, resistance to corrosion and resistance to chemical agents can be obtained with just one coat.

Although the price per kg of a powder coating may seem higher than the price of a liquid paint, the final cost per painted piece is less.

The savings are achieved, above all, thanks to:

  • Lack of volatile components in the process of application.
  • Possibility to recycle powder coatings, which gives a better spreading rate.
  • Reduction of residues that need to be utilized.
  • Lower cost of the application line.
  • Easier application process (when compared to liquid paints), which enables it to automate the application line.
  • Possibility to apply very thick films with just one coat.
  • Non-inflammability of products, which makes it possible to reduce insurance costs, because there are no special safety measures necessary.

There are also some important ecological advantages which result from the fact that powder coatings do not contain any solvents and in this way they do not emit volatile components (VOC) during the application process.



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